Use with nodejs:

                        npm install onz-js

Use in the browser:

                        <script src="dist/onz-js.js"></script>

Or use the CDN:

                        <script src=""></script>

Onz JS is a JavaScript library for Onz - the cryptocurrency and blockchain application platform. It allows developers to create offline transactions and broadcast them onto the network. It also allows developers to interact with the core Onz API, for retrieval of collections and single records of data located on the Onz blockchain. Its main benefit is that it does not require a locally installed Onz node, and instead utilizes the existing peers on the network. It can be used from the client as a browserify compiled module, or on the server as a standard Node.js module.


Onz-js is open sourced under the GNU General Public License version 3. Developers are invited to explore the code, or even improve it and help us make it better.

Clone and install the repository from GitHub:

                git clone
                cd onz-js
                npm install

To run the test suite, use the following command:

                npm test

Onz-js uses grunt as a task runner. The default grunt task compiles the browserify module, runs a static code analysis using eslint, and executes the test suite. Upon completion, a watch task will monitor for further code changes, and then re-execute the same tasks.

To execute the default grunt task, use the following command:


The codebase is documented using yuidoc. To generate the documentation, use the following command:

                yuidoc .